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I am Filip Šejvl and my first name makes up a half of the name of our real estate agency, Philip & Frank that created the unique collection of the best apartments in Prague – Prague Penthouses. After studying at university and pursuing a career in consulting in the area of EU subsidies I began to sell properties in Florida, USA. I had a unique opportunity to assist each client personally on one of the most highly developed real estate markets in the world. It was a great experience. I found out how crucial it is to know and understand each client’s individual needs and interests. I spent a lot of time with my clients. That was the only way for us to be successful and achieve our common goal, which was the purchase of the “right” property. Many of my business relations turned into permanent friendships. Later on, I started to apply a similar approach at home, on the Czech real estate market, in our family business. It became commonplace for us to care for our clients and be willing to provide even non-standard solutions to situations connected with selling or leasing real estate property. This approach began to pay off as many clients, not only from the Czech Republic, keep returning to us and work with us in the long term. They contact us even if they only need advice on moving house. Gradually, we started to think about what to do next. How could we develop our real estate business? Thanks to our knowledge of the real estate area the whole team came up with new ideas. Unfortunately, as a result of our everyday operation there was no time for any strategic decisions. At Christmas 2014 I told my friend and former university classmate, František [Frank], about my thoughts. We found out that we shared the same values and objectives. I had experience in real estate while he had experience in management and marketing. Our Christmas meeting had a logical result – the founding of Philip & Frank.

our team

filip šejvl

Managing Partner

Having studied West European studies at Charles University, Prague, and worked in the area of consultancy regarding the European Union subsidies, in 2008 I began to sell properties in Florida to Czech clients. I gained a lot of experience and a detailed knowledge of the advanced real estate market in Florida, which I later decided to use in the Czech market, in a family business. I found out that a truly personal and honest approach was very rare in the Czech real estate market. In 2014, “Frank” and I set up our own company, Philip & Frank, which we keep improving. I also use my experience in the well-known American reality show, House Hunters International, which is focused on housing and real estate.

František Jungr


When my friend “Philip” suggested founding a real estate company together, I knew nothing at all about the real estate market. The only thing I knew was that like any other business it is based on mutual trust and on the quality of services provided. I had only had a personal experience of buying and renting a flat. Therefore, I knew very well that there was a lot of competition in this area while the quality and reliability were lower and everything took a long time. So, it was clear that if we wanted to succeed and provide really cutting-edge services, we had to take a different approach to the real estate business. An approach based not only on the quality of services but also on the notion that the client always comes first. That is why I am now creating a new and different concept of a service that will help you to make one of the important decisions in your life more happily and easily, along with someone that you can depend on. We are here for you and we will always be glad to hear your opinions and comments.

Tobias Kočkár

Back Office manager

I got into real estate completely by coincidence. I always had big goals and wanted to meet new people. When the opportunity arose to be a part of Philip & Frank and make people's dreams come true by buying or renting new homes, I didn't hesitate. My goal is to give clients a sense of confidence and security when choosing a new home.

markéta čekalová

Residential Department

My first encounter with the real estate market happened in 2010, when I was part of the team of a foreign developer of luxury properties in Prague. That work helped me to understand investors’ needs. It gave me basic technical and business knowledge in the area of real estate. I had a unique opportunity to see the whole development process of a residential project. Since 2012 I have been selling, leasing and managing properties. I like communicating with people and I try to accommodate their needs. I would like to be a support to both Czech and foreign clients on the Czech real estate market. I have been in contact with many of them for a long time and they know that they can approach me any time. I am always delighted to see that clients return to me or that they recommend me to others. I spend my free time riding a horse, rock climbing or playing volleyball. I feel privileged to be part of the Philip & Frank team. I know that I can always rely on my colleagues and partners.

Linda Svobodová

Residential Department

What led me to the area of real estate was my passion for discovering new stories of people. Each person has a different story. And a different situation leads to each new property, too. Everybody also has their own clear expectations of what the dream housing of their own should look like. And some personal preferences simply can’t be expressed by a tick in a check box. That is why I invest most time in the client’s story. I am convinced that besides talent for business the real estate market also requires an enhanced capability of empathy, as a result of which the broker can offer their clients the most important thing, i.e. a real home. Apart from communicativeness, sense of organisation and reliability I rate my ability to identify with the client’s needs among my chief qualities. I stick to the motto: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I believe in happy endings and I find the meaning of my job in being part of them. I am looking forward to your story.

hana fisherová

Residential Department

I began to work in the field of real estate as a result of my ten-year working experience in the area of luxury residential projects in Prague. I was lucky to be part of very successful projects, so I know the mentality of those who create them while having to think about the end customers that they need to attract. This experience proved to me that if you put a lot of time in something, it can be clearly seen. And that it is always important who you meet.

Monica Mollicone

residential department

I consider having one’s own home to be one of the most important goals in everybody’s life. I believe that a carefully chosen flat or house which meets our requirements and satisfies our needs helps us to create favourable conditions for our self-fulfilment. Philip & Frank can offer selected properties for purchase, sale or lease. My ambition is to provide clients with the best real estate services through this company.

Nicolas Peknik

residential department

My personal experience with looking for flats and land made me become interested in the real estate business more thoroughly. I know how difficult it is to find “the right home,” so I would like to help our clients with that. I have worked in foreign trade and customer care for a long time. I have high demands myself and as a result I can try hard to comply with any requests my clients may have. My goal is a satisfied client, which is why I work with both my brain and heart. I am here for you and together we will manage!

Jana Markvartová

residential department

I came into the space of real estate from the world of conference interpreting; one of the most concentration-intensive fields. In addition to perfect language skills, it requires resilience to stress alongside the ability to react quickly. Adaption to the environment, culture and nature of clients is a given precursor. Real estate is a very similar domain; working under pressure, you have to react quickly to situations that change in front of your very eyes. The ability to empathise with clients, sense their needs and understand their wants is truly uplifting.I used to think, real estate was about architecture, buildings, plots, immovables as such, but I've come around. Real estate is first and foremost about people.

Haoula El Toufaili

residential department

As person that is born of two different cultures, I was privileged to live large part of my life in a multicultural country, where I was able to indulge in my passion for my love of nature, trips to the countryside, as well as meeting new people. With such background I have developed keen interest in exploring & learning more about the special living preferences of people with different cultures, particularly when it comes to matter related to the size & layout of their dwellings, as well as their preferred decorative styles, furniture & accessories. Coupled with my past work experience as a marketer for upscale brands, such as Porsche, Audi, Volkswagen and Baglietto, I have learned that the key to providing high-quality services is “clients’ satisfaction”, which is achieved by building long-term relationships. Therefore, I’m pleased to be fortunate enough to have the opportunity of working for Philip & Frank, where I am proud find that my values are shared with like-minded people working together towards setting a new standard for the Czech real estate market.

Šimon Greif

residential department

I believe you will agree when I say that the place where you live is essential. I am honoured to be able to be your partner in purchasing something as important. It is my long-term goal to help young people like myself to become more knowledgeable in the real estate market. Without continuous monitoring it is easy to make a mistake when choosing your property or to be taken in and I want to prevent this from happening to you. In line with our company’s attitude I believe in personal approach, communication and honesty. After all, I do business with people, not with properties.

Helena Haubová

Residential department

My original career was in a totally different business: air travel. I have thought about the main things I learned in my previous profession. They definitely include working with people, providing perfect services, anticipating clients’ needs and requirements and eventually meeting their expectations. I am convinced that this long-time experience can also be used in the world of real estate. Everybody has their own needs, expectations and often worries as well. The same is true if we want to change our permanent or temporary housing. I have experienced it several times, so I know what it is like to be looking for a suitable home for one’s family abroad. The professionalism of the real estate people who helped me with that was always essential. I am an optimist and one of my personal traits is that I rise to challenges and never accept the word “impossible.” I look forward to working with clients from the Czech Republic and from abroad alike.

Matěj Rulík

Residential department

I began to discover the complete scope of working with properties while I was selling, reconstructing and managing my own flats. At that time I was working for the marketing department of an internationally recognised software company. However, I gradually realised that the real success of properties is concealed in many details that you can focus on only if you do them professionally, passionately and honestly. That was why I decided to take advantage of my previous experience to achieve a single goal: concentrate fully on my clients to ensure their success and satisfaction in purchasing, selling or renting a property. I regard every cooperation as an extraordinary challenge for me, for the client and for the excellent Philip & Frank team

Simona Greifová

Residential department

I worked in theatre and advertising production for many years. Coincidentally, I entered the area of real estate. I was surprised to see how much the two worlds have in common: from looking for a project to creating a detailed “script” to visualisation and targeting the right audience to the final direction. I found all these attributes, along with enthusiasm for the cause, work at full stretch and the much-needed helpfulness, at Philip & Frank real estate agency, who are particular about individual approach to clients. I really appreciate being a member of such a great team.

External Partners

Petr Dvořák


In 2009 I graduated from the Faculty of Law at Charles University in Prague. During my studies I also spent a year at the University of Bayreuth, Germany, where I became familiar with German law. Then I began to work for a general practice law office in Prague, in which I was in charge of services for Czech and German clients. After passing my bar exam in 2012 I became an attorney and in 2015 me and my colleague, Petr Křiváček, founded our own Dvořák–Křiváček law office. I have been providing real estate agencies with legal services since the very beginning of my career. I understand that it is necessary to make maximum effort to satisfy every client. That is the only way to win their trust. I am happy to say that I have been cooperating with Filip Šejvl for a long time and that our cooperation continues by my office’s providing the team of Philip & Frank’s professional real estate brokers with legal services. I also provide legal services in German.

Petr Křiváček


After graduating from the Faculty of Law at Charles University in 2010 I started working for a law office, where one of my main responsibilities was conveyance of real estate. Having passed my bar exam in 2015 I became an attorney and me and my colleague Petr Dvořák founded our own law office. Real estate is still the most important area I work in. For a long time I have been providing legal services for a major property developer on the Czech market as well as for smaller real estate agencies. Specialisation is very important in law these days and real estate is what I specialise in. I am glad that I can also make use of my experience thanks to my cooperation with Philip & Frank. I provide legal services in English as well.

Jiri Vagner

Mortgage Consultant

I have been active in the area of real estate financing for more than 20 years. I have16 years’ experience in banking, which I still draw upon both in terms of expertise and in terms of insight into the banking sector as well as having useful contacts which I would not have obtained otherwise. I am prepared to take advantage of all of that to the benefit of financing your property purchase. Moreover, me and my wife, Lenga Vagnerová, are a great, perfectly working team and our coordinated teamwork is another benefit for our clients.

Lenka Vagnerova

Mortgage Consultant

I have been active in the area of real estate financing for 10 years and I have arranged loans for more than 500 clients. As I cooperate with all banks and building societies, I can find the best deal for the client. I assist my clients throughout the property purchase process, from the preparation of documents to entering into the contract to using the loan. As a standard, I also offer property insurance, consulting services and, if necessary, assistance in any emergency situations throughout the loan repayment period. I provide all my services in Czech as well as in English.

our partners


We are two independent attorneys connected by a working relationship and professional trust and bound by a friendship of many years. We provide our clients with comprehensive legal services. We try to take a personal approach to every client and advance their interest as much as possible. We believe that a personal approach and a high level of professionalism in legal services are what our clients expect and look for. We provide legal services in English and German.


Our Private Concierge services will help you to get rid of your worries in case you are buying and moving to new place. We provide top – class professional and comprehensive services for both individuals and corporate clients. We are particular about fast response and high – quality services even for the most demanding clients. We only work with tried and tested companies. Thanks to our experience and contacts of many years we can open doors to you that are seemingly closed to others.


We will make your dreams come true. We pursue a wide range of urbanistic and architectural work, from smaller locations and new buildings and reconstructions of buildings to interiors and furnishings of flats or offices. Every house can be rebuilt, every flat can be refashioned and every interior can be made more pleasant. A project designed by an expert saves money during the building process and during the use of the dwelling. All designs are created as a result of communication between the client and the authors of the project. During cooperation, the client must feel that the house is being designed according to their ideas and wishes and that it fulfils their needs. We are architects and we are here for you.

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Words from our past clients

We have been cooperating with Philip & Frank brokers for a few years. Throughout that time it has been proved that it was a good choice. We are especially satisfied with their transparency and regular information about the progress of each project. At the same time we have always been in control of all decision-making. We will be happy to recommend them and their legal services to our friends and relatives. It was our pleasure warking with them.

Martin and Tereza K.

While we were selling our flat, we approached the brokers of Philip & Frank who had been recommended to us. I was really satisfied and delighted. Their truly professional approach – meetings with us, organization of tours of the flat with clients and arranging the formal aspects of the sale, including cooperation with an excellent lawyer – was astonishing. I appreciate their competence and I recommend this real estate agency to other clients.

Ludmila K.

Thanks to the professionalism of Philip & Frank real estate brokers I learned that even purchasing a property can be a pleasant experience. Their thoroughness, reliability, helpfulness and kindness enabled us to concentrate only on the property. We were relieved of all the worries regarding the purchase and we could simply enjoy buying the flat. That is what you dream of but I would never have thought that it could come true. Thank you for your perfect services!

Zuzana P.

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